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Xiaoping Sheng wait for a Roger Vivier Flats

December 15, 2012

Xiaoping Sheng wait for a Roger Vivier Flats, but there is no movement in the room, it touches on the living room side of Chu Yiyi watching television, came a giggle sound from time to time, scrambling his upset. After it contain himself, he deducted a few doors this time than the last buckle heavier and more that no one can respond. Although probably no one in the house However Xiaoping Sheng did not give up hope, try holding the mood, gentle eyes met the door handle. I did not think the door is not locked, Xiaoping Sheng gently pushed open the door and head out into the probe to the house, looked at before, he will be shocked.

The house turned out to someone, but also Xiaoping Sheng know. “…… The ink …… ink Assistant? See the ink words a small pajamas, wearing a nightcap against the head of the bed, while listening Xiaoping Sheng familiar southerly side of the light and closing his eyes look like humming After Xiaoping Sheng uncontrollably, can not help but asked.

Ink Introduction absolute and immediate company that ‘silence’ not on the number, look easy smile, pajamas and nightcap are pink and covered with pig shape of the Q version, feet bedside lamp on socks covered Zhuhua cartoon socks, plus house slightly red lights of a dozen, everywhere revealing an attractive cute. Xiaoping Sheng did not say anything Roger Vivier Gommette Blue Patent Leather Ballerinas Flats, This once-in-a-lifetime ‘picture’ can be maintained instead.


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