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If forbearance listening to Roger vivier center

December 19, 2012

If forbearance listening to Roger vivier center, watching to Xiaoping Sheng vision suddenly changed, mysterious face and asked: “Yesterday? Was the standing and the father Shenjia villa in eating and drinking, that you boyfriend? “

“Poof, who who said he was my boyfriend!” To hear of Chu If forbearance said and Xiaoping Sheng boyfriend, Chu Yiyi suddenly jumped from her chair, just drink a half cup of tea into the mouth spray out loud negate Road.

Chu Yiyi sound of shouting immediately attracted hard at work Xiaoping Sheng and ink Introduction sight to see the two look to own, she realized some gaffe, his face red, and quickly sat down, whispered the red significant asked: Chu moisten forbearance, “Who says that jerk my boyfriend!”

Chu moisten forbearance side pulled out party handkerchief and handed Chu Yiyi side and said: “Oh, so many adults still so impatient you personally drove with him to go, and took him back, there is help him tie this thing even Dad go back Roger Vivier Flats and face the envy of that for a long time it. “


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